RailsBridge NYC February Workshop


Fri 2/20/2015
Start time: 6:00 pm EST
End time: 9:00 pm EST


Sat 2/21/2015
Start time: 9:00 am EST
End time: 5:00 pm EST


This is a Ruby on Rails event. The focus will be on developing web apps and programming in Ruby. You can find all the curriculum materials at docs.railsbridge.org.

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Workshop Description

Are you interested in learning how to create dynamic web applications? Want to get an in-depth introduction to Ruby on Rails? RailsBridge is back in New York, ladies, and it's your time to level up!

This is a free introduction to Ruby on Rails for women who RSVP. No programming experience is required and we invite beginners, intermediate and advanced students to join us. We will start from scratch and walk you through the steps to set up a fully-functioning online database app by the end of the day!

This is a two-day event hosted at General Assembly. Friday evening we will be hosting an Installfest where we will help you make sure you have all of the right things set up on your computer to be able to jump right in on Saturday morning. Saturday we will be coding up a storm from 9am until 5pm, after which we will have an after party celebrate your success!

Before the Workshop

Installation Instructions
These slides walk you through the installation: http://installfest.railsbridge.org. Please install everything before coming to Installfest on Friday because these installations take a significant amount of time. If you run into issues, that's what our Installfest event is for on Friday night!

Curriculum Preview
These slides are a preview of some of the material you’ll be going through: http://curriculum.railsbridge.org.

* Intro & Intermediate students will be going through the Intro to Rails course
* Advanced students will be going through the Job Board course

Please review these BEFORE the workshop, and come prepared with questions.


Q: Do I have to attend the Installfest?
A: Yes! The Installfest is a crucial part of the weekend, even if you’ve already gone through the instructions independently. There are a ton of moving parts when setting up a development environment, and the reason that we’re able to get through the curriculum on Saturday is that every single student has had their dev environment checked and has been awarded a sticker for their successes. There are also enough changing parts that even if you’ve been to a workshop in the past, you should attend the Installfest to get re-verified, because this stuff changes almost constantly.

Q: Do I really have to attend the Installfest?
A: Yes, really. There will be pizza, we promise. And fun people to talk to. And you don’t have to be there very long if you’ve already gotten through all the steps. (But if you haven’t gotten through all the steps ahead of time, please come early in the evening, because an install can take a few hours depending on what hiccups we get to work through.)


General Assembly, workshop host
More TBA!


N/R/6/F/M/1 to 23rd Street

Food and Drinks

We will be providing dinner on Friday, and breakfast (bagels and fruit) and lunch on Saturday. Our afterparty will have light food and drinks.


If you are interested in childcare, we will offer it by request only. Please respond to us by February 16, 2015.


After a whole day of coding, you deserve some fun and relaxation. Stay for wine and socializing with fellow students after class!

26 volunteers!

34 students!

52 waitlisted students!