Railsbridge Madison

TA Training has been cancelled-this is NOT required for volunteers!

Fri 10/30/2015
Start time: 5:00 pm CDT
End time: 8:00 pm CDT


Fri 11/13/2015
Start time: 5:00 pm CST
End time: 8:00 pm CST


Sat 11/14/2015
Start time: 9:00 am CST
End time: 4:00 pm CST


This is a Ruby on Rails event. The focus will be on developing web apps and programming in Ruby. You can find all the curriculum materials at docs.railsbridge.org.

Click here for more information about class levels in this course!

Workshop Description

Are you interested in learning how to create dynamic web applications? Want to get an in-depth introduction to Ruby on Rails? RailsBridge is the workshop for you! Our audience is those with no or little programming experience from typically under-represented communities in technology.

We are encouraging underrepresented groups, such as women, minorities and anyone identifying as LBGT to apply, though all interested parties are welcome.

This is a free (and fun!) introduction to Ruby on Rails. No programming experience is required and any level of skill is welcome, from total newbies to Rubyists who just want to brush up. We will start from scratch and walk you through the steps to set up a fully-functioning online database app by the end of the day, even if right now you couldn’t tell an app from a tea cosy! You’ll be a regular Grace Hopper in no time.

The workshop takes place over two days at Madison Area Technical College Truax campus in Madison. Friday evening you’ll meet your fellow students at Installfest, where we’ll help you make sure your computer is set up with all the right tools to jump right in on Saturday morning. Saturday we’ll be coding up a storm from 9am until 4pm, after which we will head to an afterparty to celebrate your success!

Is Friday mandatory? Yes, yes it is. What if you've totally got everything installed, you promise? Well, think of how easy it will be on you and the lovely volunteers to get you your "all good!" sticker on Friday when they've got time to review your craftsmanship! In all seriousness, Saturday is a big day and we can't take time away from everyone's coding, so if you're not approved by Saturday morning you might not be able to participate in the workshop.


Glass Nickel Pizza
Singlewire Software
Ale Asylum
Adorable IO
Madison College Dining Services

Transportation and Parking

There will be plenty of free parking available.

Food and Drinks

There will be pizza provided at Installfest. Coffee and breakfast will be provided on Saturday and
we will also serve lunch during the workshop.


Childcare will be provided if necessary. Please make sure to check the box on your registration form.


The after party will be held at Ale Asylum! This is a great opportunity to do some networking and talk about all the cool things you just learned. It starts at 4:30 and we will buy the first drink!