ScalaBridge New York Intro to Programming in Scala


Fri 6/30/2017
Start time: 6:00 pm EDT
End time: 8:00 pm EDT

Scala Workshop

Sat 7/1/2017
Start time: 9:00 am EDT
End time: 5:00 pm EDT


This is a Scala programming event. Some programming knowledge expected, but you don't yet know Scala.

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Workshop Description

This workshop is intended to reach out to women and non-binary people who are interested in learning Scala! We are emphatically queer & trans inclusive!
In this workshop, we'll take you through the basics of functional programming in Scala, a powerful language that has uses in everything from web applications to data science to large-scale distributed systems. By the end of the day, you'll have built several doodles, have a basic understanding of functional programming, and a grasp of Scala fundamentals.

To attend this event, you should have at least some familiarity with another programming language (like Ruby, Python, or Javascript). Students will be separated into different classes based on the experience level they choose when signing up. If you are completely new to programming, you should look at attending a RailsBridge event instead, or wait for a future ScalaBridge event when we hope to offer more-introductory workshops.

Workshop Schedule


6:00-8:00: pm


8:30-9:30am: Check-in, breakfast (please arrive by 9am at the latest)
9:30am: Opening talk, student sorting
10am: Code
12:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Code
4:30pm: Closing talk, announcements & retrospectives
5-7pm: Afterparty (optional)

Transportation and Parking

Meetup's HQ entrance is located between Bleecker and Houston on Broadway (entrance is between a Duane Reade and a Petco). The BDFM (Broadway/Lafayette station) 6 (Bleecker St. station) stops on the same block as Meetup, and the RN (Prince St.) is just a few minutes walk away from the office. Meetup is located on the 9th floor. When you arrive, please let security know you will be heading to Meetup, they will let you access the elevators to the office. Wi-Fi will be available.

Food and Drinks

Dinner will be provided at the installfest. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on the day of the workshop.


Everyone's invited to have a drink together after the workshop. Location will be within a short walk from the workshop location.


Thanks to Meetup for providing the venue, Driver for sponsoring catering, and Bridgewater for sponsoring the afterparty and covering other costs.


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