Intro and Applied Functional Programming with Scala

Applied Functional Programming with Scala

Sat 5/26/2018
Start time: 1:00 pm CEST
End time: 7:00 pm CEST

Intro to Programming with Scala

Sat 5/26/2018
Start time: 1:00 pm CEST
End time: 7:00 pm CEST


This is a Scala programming event. Some programming knowledge expected, but you don't yet know Scala.

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Workshop Description

Both workshops are intended for anyone who identifies as belonging to a group that is underrepresented in tech. Attendance of the workshops is free, with food and drinks provided throughout the day.

In the intro workshop, we'll take you through the basics of functional programming in Scala, a powerful language that has uses in everything from web applications to data science to large-scale distributed systems. The applied functional workshop focusses on purely functional paradigms, and how they can be encoded in Scala. By the end of the day, you'll have built some fun projects and have a basic understanding of
functional programming.

To attend the events, you should have some familiarity with another programming language (like Ruby, Python, Java, or Javascript) - but no formal training is required. Students will be separated into different classes based on the experience level they choose when signing up. If you are completely new to
programming, you're welcome to join and check us out.


Transportation and Parking

Klarna HQ is located at Sveavägen 46 and is easily accessible via public transport by taking the subway to Hötorget (green line).

Food and Drinks

Klarna is sponsoring the event with meals, drinks, coffee and snacks in-between.


After the day has come to a close at Klarna, we will provide you with a drink ticket and continue the evening at &Hotel located at Apelbergsgatan 40 just around the corner from Klarna.


We'll look to provide childcare onsite if there is demand. Please let us know if this is of interest to you and we can discuss details.

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