ClojureBridge London @ Functional Works (May 2019)

Coach Training for ClojureBridge London

Thu 5/2/2019
Start time: 6:30 pm BST
End time: 8:30 pm BST

ClojureBridge Friday Introductions and optional Clojure install

Fri 5/10/2019
Start time: 6:30 pm BST
End time: 8:30 pm BST

ClojureBridge Saturday Workshop

Sat 5/11/2019
Start time: 10:30 am BST
End time: 5:00 pm BST


This is a Clojure event. The focus will be on programming in Clojure.

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ClojureBridge London is a fun, free and friendly workshop for all those who identify as women or non-binary gender. The workshop is suitable for people just starting to code, or people on their first language who are Clojure curious.

The next workshop is 10th/11th May 2019.

We have 3 suggested learning paths all of which are supported by our coaches:

  • Conversations with your computer with colours and shapes
  • Simple challenges to problem solve in Clojure
  • Build a website, game or app with Clojure/ClojureScript

Event overview

Friday evening we have members of the community sharing their development experiences and show what you can do with Clojure. We also help you install Clojure development tools (optional).

NOTE: Please make sure you select the Friday evening event in the RSVP form, so we know you are attending that part of the event. If you cannot make Friday please leave that part unchecked and we will stream the presentations to you via YouTube or similar service.

Saturday we coach you through a day of small practical exercises, building responsive websites or creating simple games. We aim for 1-2-1 coaching so we can support you each step of the way.


Each participant requires their own laptop with either MacOSX, Linux or Windows operating system. We help you set up your laptop for Clojure during the Friday evening (install is optional if you are just starting to code).

Why learn Clojure?

Clojure is a small language with a simple design that can be used to build apps for the web, mobile apps, and even desktop apps. Clojure is a great choice for those new to programming, or existing developers who want to learn about functional programming and use it in the software industry.

Clojure has a huge amount of libraries available to help you build a wide range of apps really quickly. You can use all the libraries from its host platforms, JavaScript/Node.js, Java or Microsoft .Net, too.

For more information, please take a look at the ClojureBridge London website

Typical workshop schedule

Friday evening - Intro & Install
18.30 - Doors open & social
19.00 - Introductions, talks & demo
19.45 - Install Clojure tools or start the workshop with a coach
20.30 - Finish

Saturday - Workshop
10.00 - Doors open, breakfast
11.00 - Coding starts
12.50 - Group show & tell
13.00 - Lunch & talks
14.00 - Continue coding
16.30 - Retrospective - your feedback

We will encourage you to have regular breaks during the workshop, to give your brain a chance to absorb all this new information.

Our Sponsor

Thank you to our sponsor Functional Works for providing the venue and all the food and refreshments for the event. We will aim to have 50% vegetarian food and around 10% of that will be vegan. We can always increase this based on you feedback.

Functional Works are breaking down the barriers of hiring the right software engineers and providing a platform for managing the whole process (written in ClojureScript).

Who is involved

The event is free of charge and run by unpaid volunteers from the Clojure community. While the workshop is primarily for trans/cis women & non-binary attendees, our coaches and organisers are members of the local Clojure community of any gender or none. Everyone agrees to abide by the Bridge Foundry Code of Conduct.

If anyone is interested in volunteering as a coach, take a look at the workshop content and if you understand the basic Clojure we cover then you can coach. Coach training is provided around a week before the event

12 volunteers!

10 students!