RailsBridge Javascript Pilot at Galvanize


Sat 3/1/2014
Start time: 10:00 am PST
End time: 4:00 pm PST


This workshop will teach programming using Javascript. You can find all the curriculum materials at docs.railsbridge.org.

Click here for more information about class levels in this course!

This is the first time using a new Javascript curriculum, so it's especially valuable to give us lots of feedback. The workshop doesn't assume a programming background; it's meant as an introduction to programming through Javascript.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. We're always happy to provide childcare; please contact the organizer for details.

Everyone's invited to join us for an afterparty following the workshop. It's a great opportunity to make friends and become part of the community!

Organized By:

7 volunteers!

11 students!

20 waitlisted students!