RailsBridge Dayton


Fri 5/15/2015
Start time: 4:00 pm EDT
End time: 9:00 pm EDT


Sat 5/16/2015
Start time: 9:00 am EDT
End time: 5:00 pm EDT


This is a Ruby on Rails event. The focus will be on developing web apps and programming in Ruby. You can find all the curriculum materials at docs.railsbridge.org.

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Workshop Description

Welcome to RailsBridge Dayton, a workshop for people from populations under-represented in tech who are interested in learning about the development of web sites and web applications. Our technology of choice is Ruby language on top of the Rails framework. But you don't need to know what that means if you've got an interest in learning about the web - whether you've never written a line of code in your life or you're an experienced developer looking to learn a new framework, RailsBridge has the curriculum for you. This workshop provides a safe place for underrepresented people in technology to come together and learn for free!

This workshop is broken up into two sessions. The first session, the Installfest, is mandatory! We ask that you bring your own laptop and power cord so you can sit down and make sure your machine is in working order - with the appropriate software and development environment set up - so that our Saturday workshop can be completely dedicated to teaching and learning. If you've never programmed before, or you've never programmed in Ruby, it is highly recommended that you go through TryRuby, a fifteen minute lesson in Ruby basics. There will be an informal gathering Friday night to go through this and answer questions for anyone who has never tried Ruby before.

You do not need to stay for the entirety of the Installfest - just long enough to get a sticker saying your machine is ready for Saturday. If you have your development environment set up, we would love for you to stick around and help others. No two environments are exactly the same, so installing everything often requires patience and a willingness to experiment. We will be serving pizza, beer, and soda and there will be no strict schedule to follow.

Saturday, there will be a small series of lectures explaining basic principles, and then we will break into groups based on experience level and set each group loose on the curriculum of their choosing. There will be teachers and TAs dedicated to answering questions, explaining concepts, and trouble-shooting. There will be coffee and breakfast in the morning and a small lunch around 1 o'clock.

An after-party is in the works of being arranged. More information is forth-coming.


Confreaks, LLC
Little Lines, Inc.

Transportation and Parking

Note: This event is actually being held at a small workshop space that's across the street from the given address. There will be signage pointing you in the right direction!

The workshop space is located at the Greene in Dayton, Ohio. There are a couple of free parking lots and parking garages nearby. One of those parking lots is just across the street from the Little Lines office. Just be careful not to park at a meter!

Food and Drinks

Catering is currently in the process of being determined. However, there will be pizza, beer, and soda at the Installfest, coffee and breakfast Saturday morning, and a small lunch Saturday afternoon. This is all completely free of charge!


There are currently no arrangements for childcare. If this is going to make it difficult for you to attend this workshop, please feel free to reach out to the organizer and let her know! She will do everything in her power to find a safe location nearby with trusted people to make sure your children are cared for and have a good time!


An after party is currently in the process of being organized. More information is forthcoming!

Organized By:

2 volunteers!

5 students!