Ruby on Rails Outreach Workshop for Women

Installfest + Workshop

Fri 10/12/2012
Start time: 6:00 pm PDT
End time: 6:00 pm PDT

The workshop is intended to reach out to anyone who identifies as female and is interested in learning Ruby Programming for Beginners. The workshop is emphatically transgender-/queer-friendly. Men are welcome too, but we encourage you to bring a woman as your +1.

Note also that there is no intermediate or advanced track.

We will provide food Friday night, and light breakfast and full lunch on Saturday. Vegetarian options will be available at all meals. We will try to accommodate special dietary requests submitted in your enrollment form by 1:00pm Monday 10/8.

We will also have an after party after class concludes Saturday afternoon!


You must bring a laptop and power supply both days.


1) Check that the email address you have listed in Meetup is actually one that you check on a regular basis. (We'll be sending updates, notifications, and to-dos. You'll lose your spot if you fail to respond in a timely manner.)

2) If you are bringing a Mac, download and install Xcode on your laptop before registering. Xcode is a very large file that takes 2-3 hours to download. If you are on the wait list, do this now too.

3) Fill out the Registration Form

** those with +1s, please make sure your guest fills out the registration form also **

Have a great workshop!


Friday 6pm-9pm:

Workshop Day 1: InstallFest, Social, & Ruby (REQUIRED)

Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm:

Workshop Day 2: Breakout Sessions

5:00pm: Afterparty