Introduction to Web Development with Javascript

Introduction to Web Development with Javascript

Sat 6/3/2017
Start time: 9:30 am EDT
End time: 4:00 pm EDT


This workshop will teach programming using Javascript. You can find all the curriculum materials at

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Workshop Description

Do you want to build your own web site but don't know where to start? Do you have a great idea for the next great app? This class is for you! It's a gentle introduction to the world of web development and JavaScript. We'll build a little to-do list and along the way you'll learn a little CSS, a little HTML and a little JavaScript and be well on your way to creating Savannah's next great MVP.

RailsBridge's mission is to increase diversity in tech and bring technology education to under-served communities. With that in mind, we'd love it if you could help us by reaching out to organizations who serve those communities and let them know about RailsBridge. Technology is a rare field where you can be successful without having a college degree, and where all the resources to be a professional are available for free online. We'd especially love to help out at-risk youth and those who might not otherwise see technology as a career option (because, again, all the resources are available for free online). So, if you sign up, we'd also love if you could reach out and bring someone who you feel could be well-served by learning a little programming!

And if you sign up but don't get the confirmation email, check your spam folder!

Things to Consider

We've "sold out" all of our events so far only to have people not show up or cancel at the very last minute. That makes it really hard on the folks on the waitlist who don't get bumped up until the last minute and can't make it and means we can't get everyone in who wants to attend. We work really hard to put these events on and we'd love it if the people who sign up show up, or at least cancel with enough notice that folks on the wait list have enough notice to make it.


You'll need the following things to be able to successfully participate in RailsBridge:

  • A reasonably up to date laptop running Windows, OS X or Linux. If you don't have a computer of your own to use, you can contact the organizer and we can see if we can round one up for you for the class!
  • The power cord for that laptop
  • A little patience
  • A little curiosity
  • A way to get to Bull St Labs!


Thanks to the Creative Coast for their continued support!

Transportation and Parking

There's plenty of street parking available around Bull St. Labs, but no dedicated parking lot.

CAT Route 14 drops off at the corner of Abercorn & 39th, which is a short two blocks to Bull St. Labs. But, you should use CAT's trip planner to find your best route!

Food and Drinks

We'll provide breakfast foods (and coffee) and lunch on Saturday!

Code of Conduct

By signing up and attending RailsBridge, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct. We've never had a problem at one of our events, and I don't expect us to, but if it happens, we have a framework for dealing with it.

Organized By:

5 volunteers!

17 students!