London Bridge Celebration

prep, dinner & presentations

Tue 5/28/2019
Start time: 5:00 pm BST
End time: 9:00 pm BST

Note: this is for volunteer sign-up for organizers, speakers and other volunteers who are willing to help

If you want to attend, tickets may be purchased by anyone, and if you have been a student, teacher or any kind of volunteer at one of our events, please use one of the bridge codes for a free ticket: RAILSBRIDGE, CLOJUREBRIDGE, MOBILEBRIDGE, GOBRIDGE, ELIXIRBRIDGE, ELMBRIDGE, SCALABRIDGE, RUSTBRIDGE, HASKELLBRIDGE

Community Celebration

Buffet dinner and drinks provide networking time followed by presentation about the impact that Railsbridge, ClojureBridge, GoBridge and ScalaBridge are having in the UK and beyond.

5PM - prep crew help set up signs & registration
6:30 - drinks & conversation - - a few volunteers will be needed to help people find their way around
6:45 - buffet dinner
7:15 - Opening keynote by Sarah Allen, Bridge Foundry Executive Director
London Bridge leaders share stories about how their experience and impact
8PM - a little time for people to hang out
8:30 - volunteer leads late night participants to local pub
9PM - clean up crew helps out if needed

0 volunteers!